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The BackRoom Multi-Estate Blowout Sale
The doors open Friday, May 31st - 10 am
and we're also having a sale with 25% all Furniture items in our Store!

Loads of fresh items from two Estates and major discounts on anything left from the last sale!

This is a HUGE sale and a customer favorite! Terrific bargains on furniture, art works, decorative accessories, china, crystal, kitchen wares, home goods, and more! That well-known chalky paint (A.S.) to a super sale price of $20 per quart, $5.00 sample pots



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A powerful little regional auction house with a world-wide approach. We assist attorney's, trust officers, executors, heirs, and homeowners in the liquidation of personal property. To that end we offer two distinct styles of online auction, on-site estate sales, sealed bid sales, and privately negotiated sales to vetted buyers.

We believe in keeping things as simple and stressfree as possible. Not only will we help you sell everything but the house, we'll custom tailor a solution to help you get the best price.

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Dovetails llc ~ Estates & Decor


Dovetails llc ~ Estates & Decor
3196 Davis Blvd
Naples, FL 34104

Jolie Paint: I didn't think it could happen, but we did find a better paint and finishing wax!

We used AS for years and it was great paint. Sadly, it's now being imported and it's different. We took a chance and decided to go with the company that's working with the American manufacturer that made the original American AS paint and we're glad we did.

Jolie Paint has absolutely gorgeous colors, rich creamy flow, lays flat when dry, water-based clean up, non-toxic, low VOC, versatile - indoors, outdoors, furniture, decoratives, walls, cabinets, and floors, and the finishing wax is incredibly easy to use. It doesn't streak, doesn't smell, no harsh chemicals. A dream to use.

All of our old AS paint is on super sale - quarts - $20, all sample pots $5, all brushes, stencils, mats, waxes, also drastically reduced.

Chalk, chawk, chalky, chalk like feel, chalky matt finish paint. :-)

Dovetails LLC is a locally owned private company in Naples, Florida with three subdivisions created to make buying, selling, furnishing, and home improvement an easy, and stress free experience.

Whether you are the executor of an estate, lawyer, realtor, accountant, or private individual seeking assistance or information on buying, selling, and consignment in Naples, or a homeowner hoping to affordably update your decor, we're here to help. Best of all, consultations are always free.

Our business philosophy is simple. Be fair, be honest, be direct. Buyers and sellers are the soul of our business and each will be treated with the respect, consideration, and gratitude they deserve.