Benefit Auctions

The philanthropic committee has put in long hours obtaining the venue, soliciting businesses and sponsors, coordinating bands and entertainers, hiring florists, marketing, selling tickets and calling on friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to attend. They are exhausted, but exhilarated. The room looks gorgeous, the food is fabulous, and the entertainers are wonderful. People will be dancing, laughing and having a terrific time.

But... will the silent auction items sell well and the big items in the Live Auction bring what you're hoping for?

Yes, because you knew that hiring a professional auctioneer is essential for a successful benefit auction, and you chose the auctioneer with the same careful consideration that you gave every other aspect of your event.

What to Look for When Hiring a Benefit Auctioneer

Will the auctioneer be enthusiastic, energetic, quick witted and professional? Can he or she keep the attention of the audience, speak clearly, tease and cajole without being insulting or putting your guests on the spot? Can she drive the auction by creating fun competition so that your guests are digging into their pockets and thrilled to do it?

Is the auctioneer willing to be involved in the planning stages? An auctioneer with prior experience conducting charitable auction events in your region can provide valuable information regarding the type of items that have sold the best, the order in which the items should be sold, and the timing of the auction event.

Will the auctioneer bring trained staff to assist or will you need more volunteers? A clerk is needed to record what each lot sold for and the winning bidder's paddle number. This sounds like a relatively easy thing to do, but it's harder than you'd expect. Bid Spotters placed strategically in the room not only help the auctioneer by bringing attention to bids, they also help build audience excitement and can be quietly persuasive by directly encouraging the bidder during the competition. If the budget is tight, a good auctioneer will meet with your volunteers before the auction to give tips and suggestions.

Do you want the Auctioneer to supply the back-end software, computers, and staff to make registration and check out run smoothly? Your guests are there to have a good time, and you want the event to be seamless. Long lines, inadequate bidder information, inaccurate accounting, missed bids, and slow check out can be avoided if potential problem areas are addressed before event day. If your organization doesn't have the tools to prevent problems, can the auctioneer provide them?

The Auctioneer should be familiar with the state, county, and local legal statutes that regulate auctions. Consult with the auctioneer to ensure that the terms and conditions of your auction are compliant.

Should you incorporate Absentee Bidding or Live Internet Bidding for your auction? Are you offering outstanding items that would have appeal to buyers who can't attend on auction day? Can the auctioneer you're considering provide an Online platform? Consult with the auctioneer, there may be an untapped bidder resource available to you.

Remember the Objective: Raising Funds

On event day, the one person who should be the most focused on the goal of increasing revenue for your organization is your auctioneer. Every action, word, gesture, joke, and smile they employ the night of the event should be geared to helping your organization raise more money.

Kathleen M. Pica, our Florida Licensed auctioneer, has auctioneered for many of Naples, Florida's finest philanthropic organizations, helping them to generate larger donations than they thought possible. A few of the organizations she's assisted include: The American Cancer Society, Naples Community Hospital, The Celebrity Martini Glass Auction, Hospice of Naples, Hope for Haiti, The Community School of Naples, Ave Maria University, and the Friends of the Hermione.

Small or large, local, national, or Internationally broadcast, let us help you create a fun, stylish, memorable and moneymaking event that will keep your donors coming back year after year.

Consultations are free. Auctioneering fees are based on services requested.
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